Music From 100 Years Ago
Music from the early days of the 20th Century with comments.

Songs include: I'm Sorry Me Met, When I Lost You, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down, Heartbreaker, Why Should I Cry and One For My Baby.

Performers include: Ma Rainey, Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, The Happiness Boys, Frank Sinatra, Ted Lewis and the Andrews Sisters.

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Performers from the Keystone State, including: Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, Ethyl Waters, Les Brown, Marion Anderson, Perry Como & Earl Hines.

Songs include: Song of India, Goin' Places, Long Ago and Far Away, Heat Wave and Leap Frog.

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Love songs for the summer, including: Things We did last Summer, Summer Souvenirs, Wait till You See My Cheri and When You Were Sweet Sixteen.

Performers include: The Mills Brothers, Bea Wain, Enrico Caruso, Tommy Dorsey, Fats Waller, Helen kane, Ethyl Waters and Bing Crosby.

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Lesser-known tunes from the v-disc program of the 1940s.  Songs include: Just Because, Black Is the Color, Get On Board, Sing, sing Sing, Pearl Harbor Blues and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Performers include: Dr. Clayton, Frankie Yankovich, The Deep River Boys, Susan Reed, Vincente Gomez and the Army Air Force Band.

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WPA Federal Music Project

Classical Music from the WPA Federal Music Project of the 1930s. Works include: Dvorak : Carnival Overture, Mozart: Magic Flute Overture, Quincy Porter: Ukrainian Suite and Percy Grainger: Molly On the Shore.

Performers include: Symphony Orchestra of Los Angeles, Knickerbocker Little Symphony, Federal Music Project Chamber Orchestra & the Manhattan Concert Band.

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