Music From 100 Years Ago
Music from the early days of the 20th Century with comments.
Artists include: Al Jolson, Ada Jones, Bert Williams, the Original Dixiland Jazz Band, the Sousa Band and the Peerless Quartet.

Songs include: Tiger Rag, Nobody, California, Here I Come and Christmas Eve.
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Early blues recordings including: Crazy Blues, Saint Louis Blues,Bearcat Blues and Bad Luck Blues.  Performers include: Mamie Smith, Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Ma Rainey and Charley Patton.
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Christmas records from the early 20th Century.  Including: Ring Out the Bells at Christmas, Silent Night, The Christmas Man Blues and  We Three Kings.
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Early 20th Century recordings of Christmas music.  Songs include: The Santa Claus Song, Joy to the World, Christmas Morning at Clancy's and The March of the Toys.
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Whistling recordings including: Whistle It, The Whistler and His Dog, Listen to the Mockingbird and Pucker Up And Whistle.
Whistlers include: Joe Belmont, Al Jolson, Sibyl Sanderson Fagan and Billy Murray.
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Featuring banjoist, Eddie Peabody, jazz guitarist, Eddie Lang and ukulele player Cliff Edwards.

Songs include: Baby Face, Hot Fingers and Will You Remember Me.

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Songs with flowers in the title.
Songs include: Tiptoe Through the Tulips, When the Daisies Bloom, Second Hand Rose and the Petunia Quadrille.
Featured performers: Anette Handshaw, Vernon Dalhart, Fanny Brice and the New York Military Band.
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Songs from the last days of World War I and the aftermath.  Songs include:  How You Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm, Stony Broke in No Man's Land and I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now.
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Songs by Stephen Foster.  Including: Oh Susannah, Old Folks at Home and Beautiful Dreamer.
Note: Some of these old recordings contain racial terms that may be offensive to some people.
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Recordings of American presidents from Benjamin Harrison to Franklin Roosevelt.
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Early recordings of music from Wagner's operas.  Podcast includes selections from Parsifal, Tannhauser, Lohengrin and the ring cycle.
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Early recordings of marches including: The Wedding March, King Cotton, Marche Slav and The Rakoczy March.
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Episode 26: Celebrating the beginning of the fall season.  Songs include: Shine on Harvest Moon, The Halloween Dance and I'll Be Home at Harvest Time.
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Comedy links

Mp3s of Cal Stewart's Uncle Josh recordings can be found here:


Mp3s of the Avon Comedy Four can be found here:


The official Will Rogers web page is here:



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Early 20th Century comedy.  Performers include: The Avon Comedy Four, Cal Stewart, Bert Williams and Will Rogers.
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Music by Victor Herbert including The March of the Toys and Gypsy Love Song.
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Jazz recordings from 1917-1923.  Artists include:  The Original Dixieland Jass Band, King Oliver, W.C. Handy, Eubie Blake and Kid Ory.
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A salute to early Canadan recording artists including: Henry Burr, Eva Gauthier and Henri Lacroix.
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Episode 21: Man's Best Friend.  Songs about dogs including: The Whistler and His Dog and My Old Dog Tray.
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Songs from the 13 years when alcohol was illegal in the U.S.

Performers include: Billy Murrary, Ma Rainey, Bubber Miley and Burt Williams.

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Episode 19: California Songs

Songs in praise of California including: California Here I Come and At the Moving Picture Ball. 

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Songs of the Great War

Here are some sites with  more information about the First World War.  This site from the BBC offers a virtual tour inside a trench. This large site contains biographies of the major players, newsreel footage, diary accounts and video of the battlefields as they look today.  This Library of Congress site has World War I issues of Stars and Stripes, the official US Army newspaper. A second BBC site with audio interviews of veterans.  This page describes the Last Post Ceremony at Ypres, Belgium.  A tribute to fallen soldiers that has been held every day since 1929. A photograph of the grave of George Lawrence Price, the last soldier killed during the war.

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Songs from the last year of World War I , including Oh How I Hate to Get Up and Is There Still Room For Me Neath the Old Apple Tree?
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Songs from the middle years of World War I  including

If You Were the Only Girl and We Don't Want the Bacon.

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     Songs recorded during the early days of World War I.  Music includes:  Pack Up Your Troubles and Your King and Country Want You.
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Episode 15 : Songs of the Summer season.  Including: In the Good Old Summer Time, The Last Rose of Summer and Summer Days.
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Songs about baseball and the first recording of Rhapsody in Blue.
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Episode 13.  Sad tales about dying soldiers, unhappy wives and neglected children.  Songs include: Is There Any Room In Heaven For a Little Girl Like Me?
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Songs about trains including Casey Jones and The Wreck of the Old 97.

Performers include Vernon Dalhart, Billy Murray and Moonshine Kate.

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Episode 11:  Early African-American recording artists.

Performers include: Bert Williams, James Reese Europe, Ma Rainey and the Fisk University Jubilee Singers.

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Recordings left off of previous podcasts.

Performers include: Enrico Caruso  Al Jolson   John McCormack  and

Ada Jones

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An all waltz show.  Songs include  In the Good Old Summertime, School Days, Waltz Me Around Again Willie and My Wild irish Rose.
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The story of the Indestructible Phonography Company.

Music includes:  Asleep in the Deep

                         I'm Fovever Blowing Bubbles

 Keep Away From the Fellow Who Owns an Automobile


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All march episode featuring the John Phillip Sousa Band.
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This week:   songs by Al Jolson, the Tuskegee Institute Singers and Arthur Collins.  Plus: a classic hymn.


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These sites have information about and photos of the Stroh violin:
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Unusual instrumentals including: bagpipes, ocarina, a Stroh violin and a lap steel guitar.
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A tribute to female singers including Ada Jones, Helen Trix and Sophie Tucker.
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This week : a xylophone solo, a barbershop quartet, the 100th anniversery of Anchors Aweigh and a century old Mozart record.
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An all Irish episode featuring two songs by John McCormack.
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Music played: You're a Grand Old Flag A Bunch of Rags Celese Aida Flying Arrow
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