Music From 100 Years Ago
Music from the early days of the 20th Century with comments.

Records left off of previous podcasts.  Plus a tribute to Oscar Peterson and Lydia Mendoza.

Artists include: Oscar Peterson, Lydia Mendoza, Mound City Blue Blowers, Floyd Smith, Valaida Snow and John Philip Sousa.

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Guitar Music from the 1920s and 1930s.  Guitarists include: Nick Lucas, Eddie Lang, Blind Boy Fuller, Bennie Nawahi, Ramon Montoya, Andre Segovia and Django Reinhardt.

Songs include; Pickin on the Guitar, Dark was the Night, Clouds, El Rosa and Mauna Kea.

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Christmas records from 1917 to 1936.
Songs include: Silent Night, Jingle Bells, We Three Kings and Christmas Morning Blues.
Performers include: Fats Waller, Victoria Spivey, Louis Prima, Eddie Cantor and Bing Crosby.
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More records from 1929.

Performers include: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, Pinetop Smith and Ethyl Waters.

Songs include: Am I Blue, Freakish, Guitar Blues, Waiting at the End of the Road and Soldier's Joy.

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Recordings released in the pivotal year of 1929.

Artists include: Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Jimmie Rodgers, Sophie Tucker and Helen Kane.

Songs include: Ain't Misbehavin, My Rough and Rowdy Ways, Numb Fumblin, Pony Blues and In the Fall of 29.

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Songs about prison and prison life. Songs include : The Prisoner's Song, Birmingham Jail, Chain Gang Blues and No Room in the Jailhouse.

Artists include: Jimmie Rodgers, Ma Rainey, Darby & Tarleton , Blind Willie McTell and the Rev. J.M. Gates

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Songs from World War I in honor of Veteran's Day.

Songs include:  Over There, Pack Up Your Troubles, Tell That to the Marines and My Dream of the Big Parade.

Performers include: Al Jolson, The Peerless Quartet, Nora Bayes and The Hotel Taft Orchestra.

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Songs with shuffle in the title.

Songs include: Band Box Shuffle, Dry Bone Shuffle, Lennox Avenue Shuffle and Riverboat Shuffle.

Artists include :  Blind Blake,  Bennie Moten, Jelly Roll Morton, Fletcher Henderson and Bix Biederbeck.

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Spooky songs for Halloween.  Songs include:  Ghost Walking Blues, Haunted House Blues, Halloween Dance, The Ragtime Goblin  Man and Mr. Ghost Goes to Town.
Artists include: Bessie Smith, Louis Prima, Collins and Harlin and Helen Gross.
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Records featuring the kazoo.  Artists include: Ma Rainey, The Allen Brothers, The Five Harmaniacs and Tampa Red.
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Men and women complaining about each other. Songs include: Mother-in-law Blues, I'm Sorry We Met, Aint Gonna Marry No More and Let the Doorknob Hit You In the Back.

Artists include: Ethyl Waters, Jimmie Rogers, Darby and Tarlton, Annette Handshaw and the Allen Brothers.

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A tribute to blues singer and guitarist, Memphis Minnie.
Songs Include: In My Girlish Days, When the Levee Breaks, Bumble Bee and Memphis Yo Yo Blues.
Artists include: Memphis Minnie, Kansas Joe, Furry Lewis and the Memphis Jug Band.

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Novelty songs from the teens and 20s.  Songs include:  Yes. We Have No Bananas, I Faw Down and Go Boom and I  Want to Yodel.

Performers include: Ada Jones, Eddie Cantor, Josephine Baker, Billy Jones and Helen Kane.

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 Songs about farm life, including:  Old McDonald, The Farmer Is the Man, Farm Relief and How You Gonna Keep Em Down On the Farm.
Artists include: Fiddlin John Carson, Byron Harlin, The Skillet Lickers and Vernon Dalhart.

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Three pioneering jazz women: Lovie Austin, Lil Hardin Armstrong and Valaida Snow.

Songs include: Just For a Thrill, Traveling Blues, Some of These Days and Georgia Grind.

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Songs for the end of summer.
Artists include: Charley Patton, the Edison Quartet, Bing Crosby, Walter van Brunt and Elizabeth Wheeler.
Songs include: The Last Rose of Summer, Any Girl Looks Good in Summer, In the Good Old Summertime and A Faded Summer Love.

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 Artists include: Caruso & Melba, Darby & Tarlton, Butterbeans & Susie and Venuti & Lang.
Songs include: Captain Won't You Let Me Go Home, Aba Daba Honeymoon, Adam and Eve and It Ain't Gonna Rain No More.

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Songs include: I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover, Lady Luck, Rabbit Foot Blues, Beginner's Luck and Last Chance Blues.
Performers include: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Smith Ballew, Fred Astaire and Cannon's Jug Stompers.
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More songs about dogs.  Songs include: Poor Old Rover, That Doggone Dog, Yellow Dog Blues and Fido Is a Hot Dog Now.

Performers include: Dick Justice, Bing Crosby, the New Orleans Bootblacks and Bessie Smith.

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 Songs about food, including: Mixed Salad, Tattie Soup, Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries and Cornfed.
Performers include: Nick Lucas, Ted Lewis, Rudy Vallee and Lil Hardin Armstrong.
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Vintage recordings of early Irving Berlin hits.
Songs include: Follow the Crowd, When I Lost You, Sadie Salome and Alexander's Ragtime Band.
Performers include: Helen Clark, Bessie Smith, Arthur Fields and Irving Berlin.

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Records left off of previous podcasts.

Artists include: The Memphis Jug Band, Eddie Cantor, The Sousa Band, Helen Kane and Washington Phillips.

Songs include: Get Out and Get Under the Moon, Peaches in the Springtime, Denomination Blues, The Liberty Loan March and The first of May.

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French Music for Bastille Day.

Performers include: Maurice Chevalier , Josephine Baker, Madame Bolduc, Joe Falcone and Django Reinhardt.

Songs include:  La Marseillaise, Louise, Les Femmes, Avelon and Allons à Lafayette.

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Vintage recordings of Sousa marches, including: The Stars and Stripes Forever, Washington Post, The Liberty  Bell and The Thunderer.

Performers include: Sousa's Band, The New York Military Band and the U.S. Marine Band.

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Jazz dance tunes from  the 1920s.

Works include: King Porter Stomp, Tar Paper Stomp, Shirt Tail Stomp and Brush Stomp.

Performers include: Jelly Roll Morton, Benny Goodman,  Wingy Manone and Fats Waller.

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Early recordings of Hawaiian music.

Artists include:  Kalama's Quartet, Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra,   King Bennie Nawahi and Frank Ferreira.

Songs include: Ranbow Isle, Hawaiian Capers, Every Does It In Hawaii and Wahine Ui.

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Songs with north, south east and west in the title.

Songs include: North Port, Belle of the East, The Girl Who Comes in From the West and I'm Going South.

Artists include: Benny Moten, The Alabama Sacred harp Singers, Duke Ellington and Harry McDonough.

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Bands include: The Memphis Jug Band, Cannon's Jug Stompers, The Seven Gallon Jug Band and The Dixieland Jug Blowers.

Songs include: Whitewash Station Blues, Wipe It Off, Sweet Potato Blues and The Jug Band Waltz.

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Voices of Thomas Edison, Arthur Sullivan, Ernest Shackleton, William Butler Yates, Eugene Debs, Booker T. Washington and Will Rodgers.
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Military brass bands playing music other than marches.

Music includes: Blue Danube, Hungarian Rhapsody #2, Ramshackle Rag and Nearer My God to Thee.

Bands include: Sousa's Band, The Arthur Pryor Band and the New York Military Band.

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Guitarists from the Piedmont school of the blues.

Artists include: Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt and Skip James. 

Songs include: Devil Got My Woman, Dry Bone Shuffle, Louis Collins and I Belong to the Band.


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Early violin recordings.  Artists include: Joe Venuti, Jascha Heifetz, Eck Robertson and Charles D'Almaine.

Songs include, Hell's Broke Loose in Georgia, Caprice Number 20, Beating the Dog, Air For the G String and Kitty O'Neil.

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Religious music from the teens and twenties. 

Performers include: The Calvary Choir, Blind Lemon Jefferson, The Edison Mixed Quartet, the Tuskegee Institute Singers and the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers.

Songs include: Rock of Ages, Go Down Moses, Nearer my God to Thee and Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed.

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Great tenors of the acoustic era.  Singers include: Enrico Caruso, Billy Murray, John McCormack, Cliff  Edwards and Florencio Constantino.

Songs include: When You and I Were Young, Santa Lucia, Give My Regards to Broadway and Keep the Home Fires Burning.

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Country music pioneers including : Eck Robertson, Fiddlin John Carson,
Ernest Stoneman and the Carter Family.
Songs include: Cripple Creek, The Little Old Log Cabin and Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow.
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Songs with red, green and blue in the title.

Songs include: The Red Pepper Rag, The Green Isle of Erin and I'd Rather Be Blue.

Performers include: The Peerless Quartet, Ma Rainey, Sophie Tucker and John McCormack.

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Performers include: Collins & Harlin, Bessie Smith & Clara Smith, Ada Jones & Billy Murray and Jack Norworth & Nora Bayes.

Songs include:  Come Josephine In My Flying Machine, Waiting For the Robert E. Lee, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles and I'm Going Back to My Used to Be.

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Artists Include; Al Jolson, Fanny Brice, Irving Kaufman, Nora Bayes and Arthur Fields.
Songs include: Second Hand Rose, Toot Toot Tootsie, Oh How I Hate to
Get Up In the Morning and Hail Hail, the Gang's All Here.

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Looking back at the first year of podcasts.

Performers include:  Billy Murrary, Irving Kaufmann, Bert Williams, Blind Blake and George Hamilton Green.

Songs include: You're a Grand Old Rag, Police Dog Blues, Triplets and Home Call.

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A salute to the Emerald Isle.

Songs include: There's a Little Bit of Irish in Us All, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Too-Ra-Loo-Ra and My Wild Irish Rose.

Performers include: Chauncey Olcott, John MacCormack, Aileen Stanley, Steve Porter and the Brunswick Quartet.

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Songs about dreaming and dreamers. 

Songs include: I'll See You in My Dreams, I Must Be Dreaming, The Ragtime Dream and I'm a Dreamer.

Singers include: Collins and Harlin, Cliff Edwards, Annette Hanshaw, Smith Ballew and Jon Finnegan.

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Nautical tunes for landlubbers.  Songs include: I Love to be a Sailor, Barnacle Bill, By the Sea and My Bonnie.
Performers include: Alma Gluck, Cal Stewart, the Knickerbocker Quartet and Billy Murray.

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Songs for Valentine's Day. 

Songs include: I'm Falling in Love With Someone, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Pretty Baby and For You Alone.

Performers include: John McCormack, Cliff Edwards, Ethyl Waters and Enrico Caruso.

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An appendix to episode # 41.  Two versions of Button Up Your Overcoat by Helen Kane and Annette Hanshaw.

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An appendix to episode #41.  Two versions of Button Up Your Overcoat by Helen Kane and Annette Hanshaw.
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Songs about Texas and songs by Texans. 

 Artists include: Jimmie Davis, Lydia Mendoza, The Red Onion Jazz Babies, Jimmie Rodgers and Gene Autry.

Songs include: Beautiful Texas, Texas Moaner Blues, Chinatown, My Chianatown and Mal Hombre.

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Songs about real-life disasters.  Songs include: The Baltimore Fire, The Titanic Blues, The Death of Floyd Collins and Ben Dewberry's Final Run.  Artists include: Jimmie Rogers, Vernon Dalhart,Virginia Liston and Bessie Smith.
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Female singers of the 1920s.  Performers include: Helen Kane, Josephine Baker, Annette Handshaw, Sophie Tucker and Marion Harris.
Songs include: Button Up Your Overcoat, 50 Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong, Bye Bye Blackbird and Loveable and Sweet.

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Early piano recordings. Performers include: Johannes Brahms, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Scott Joplin, Eubie Blake, Pinetop Smith and Jelly Roll Morton.
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Records released in 1907. 
Artists include: Enrico Caruso, Billy Murrary, Ada Jones, the Arthur Pryor Band, Bob Roberts and Steve Porter.
Songs include: Vesti La Giubba, I'm Gettin Ready for My Mother-In-Law, And a Little Child Will Lead Them and the International Martch.
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