Music From 100 Years Ago
Music from the early days of the 20th Century with comments.

Patriotic songs for July 4th.  Songs include: National Emblem, America, Any Place the Old Flag Flies and Keep the Home Fires Burning.

Performers include: The Marine Band, Cal Stewart, Victor Herbert and Louis Armstrong.

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Songs about Georgia and musicians from the peach state.  Songs include: Sweet Georgia Brown, Savannah Mama, Georgia Bound and Everything is Peaches Down in Georgia.

Musicans include: Blind Willie McTell, The Skillet Lickers, Ma Rainey, Fiddlin John Carson and the American Quartet.

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Songs about Rain.  Songs include: Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon, Stormy Weather, Rainy Nights and I'm Dancing on a Rainbow.
Musicians include: Bessie Smith, Ada Jones, The Happiness Boys and Duke Ellington.
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A tribute to our equine friends.  Songs include: The Horse Trot, Empty Saddles, Racehorse Blues and My Old Saddle Horse Is Missing.

Performers include: Cliff Carlise, Bing Crosby, Helen Humes and Sonny Scott.

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 Records left off previous shows.  Songs include: Lord McDonald, The Little Old Ford, Some Sunny Day, Sweetie Pie and I'm In Seventh Heaven.
Performers include: Paul Whiteman, Michael Coleman, Bing Crosby, Vernon Dalhart and Al Jolson.
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